Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ultra Violet/16 Blocks

I can best describe Ultraviolet as 80 minutes that felt like 120. This film, is in and of itself that CGI alone does not a movie make. It was a like one long chase scene that you prayed would soon end with the death of every character in the film.

This snoozer was so dull that I actually dozed off during one the plethora of explosion sequences, so lame that even Mila Jovovich (who did her best to maintain a level of oakenness previously only attained in an action film by Keanu Reeves) even Mila Jovovich running around in leathers and a veritable rainbow of tights couldn't save it.

How many ways can one say lame, oh let me count the ways...

On the other hand 16 Blocks, or as I like to call it "The Gauntlet II" was much better than I expected. I lined up, lemming style, to see yet another lame-o-rama action movie, cuz that's what dad likes and you know the rules... Dad=82, therefore we see what dad wants to see.

What I got was typical Bruce Willis, always entertaining, a good performance from Mos Def and a terrific outing from a guy I've always thought was underrated, David Morse. Granted, there was nothing terribly new, and they sort of cribbed a good chunk of Willis' character from his Sin City role, but it was still good entertainment.

Hmmm... It did overindulge a tad with the old "most cops are crooked and most crooks have a heart of gold".


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