Saturday, February 25, 2006

Brown University Gig

So I did a gig at Brown last night. Didn't quite know what to expect. It was a 9pm Friday night show on a college campus, so I'm thinking...drunkfest.

Then again, it's Brown, not Bunker Hill Community College, so maybe not.

The show started right at 9pm, and by a few minutes past, the small auditorium was packed with more than one hundred patrons, 95% of which were students. The show was put on by students as part of a stand up comedy club, which I thought was pretty cool. All the performers, except me, were students there, and they all did a pretty damn good job.

I did a 20 minute set to close the show which went very well, it was just an awesome crowd. They were juiced up, generous and in to the show, attentive and intelligent. I couldn't ask for more. I found out I was doing twenty minutes instead of ten yesterday afternoon, so my set was a little choppy. I really didn't want to use any notes, and as a result of the last minute set I pieced together, I forgot a bunch of the best stuff I wanted in there, but I semeed to get lucky improvising and the crowd was just so good that I would have had to really blow it to not have a good set.

Brown University. Ivy League. Wow.

I went to a fairly prestigious college in Massachusetts myself, Westfield State College. A lot of people don't know this, but Westfield State is one of the top five schools in Westfield. We were in the vaunted MASAC (Mass State College Athletic Conference), which is sort of the Ivy League of Western Mass.

Much as the Ivy League has classic rivalries between opponents, we enjoyed the same fine traditions as Camp Westy. We had a brutal football rivalry with the Franklin St. Detox and Homeless Shelter. Man, those guys protected that pigskin like it was a vile of crack, a tough tough team. I'll never forget the tremendous mens softball league title we won in extra innings over Teddy's Pub.

These kids at Brown today are spoiled rotten if you ask me. For one thing, everybody and their brother has a computer. At Westy, we didn't need all these computers and classrooms and like books and stuff. Upon enrollment we were issued a keg tap and a waterbong and sent on our way.

Brown had seven medalists in the Olympics, all for women's hockey, three on the Candian gold medal-winning team and four on the American squad that earned the bronze. On the bright side, Westfield State is represented in the upcoming Summer Olympics with three memebers earnings spots on the Beer-pong squad.


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