Monday, February 06, 2006

A Cruise Tradition

Back in November of 2004, I took my first cruise in about ten years. It was great, but the lone drawback was losing my cell phone. I left it in the shuttle bus, realizing it about twenty seconds after I got off the bus. They could never seem to reach the guy driving the bus, even as I chased it down the parking lot.

I am a sucker for tradition, so I carefully planned to have someone swipe my cell phone from my baggage.

The worst part is, of course, losing all the phone numbers stored in the phone.

One of my favorite local comics says it best:

"Losing a cell phone is like losing a child... a child that knows the names, addresses and phone numbers of all your friends...

... It's like losing an autistic child".- MYQ Kaplan

So I have lost my second cell phone... *sigh*


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