Friday, January 20, 2006

Morning of the Tourney

Didn't sleep much, my body clock is totally wacked out. I was pretty wide awake at 3:30a.m. here, woke up at 8:30 feeling like it 5 a.m.

Had breakfast with a guy from Ohio that I met briefly last night. Nice guy, Paul Giabone I think his name was, or something reasonably close to that. My massage yesterday made obvious to me what I knew in the back of my mind- my shoulders need some serious work. It was pretty good, but a massive knot remains in each shoulder, pared down a bit, but still there. There were no available bookings today.

If I can get in, I'm going to have a 30 minute job tomorrow just hammering those knots out. I am unsure how twelve or thirteen hours (should I be so lucky) at a poker table is going to affect me. I did a bunch of stretching this morning, and grabbed a sauna to loosen up, which will hopefully do the trick.

The dude in the sauna before I got there was Marcel Luske, one of my favorite players in the world. I gave the guy his privacy and said nothing. I am resting in my room and hoping to get a nap-a-roo in before they deal 'em.


Blogger Gooch----- said...

Whaddya mean you gave him his privacy?? He was probably sleeping and you were probably looking up his towel! Ya know... checking for his ace in the hole...
Good luck today dude!

4:46 AM  

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