Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Copenhagen, here I come

I have been especially lax of late when it comes to updating the ol' blog-a-roo.

I wanted to commit to writing this baby at least every other day, but time slips and the more days that go by without an update, the less my desire to stick with it.

That being said, I need to catch you up on my latest assinine adventure. I have long dreamt of playing in a pro poker tour event, and will finally realize that dream in Copenhagen, Denmark this week.

I recently won an online satellite tournement (a tournement where the prize is an entry to a larger tournement.)

I made the mistake of doing sme research on The Skandinavian Classic, and noticed that the lineup was brutal. It contained many of the best players from Euope and the world. The reigning World Series of Poker (the grandaddy of 'em all) champion Joe Hachem will be there, as well as online player-turned-cult-hero Chris Moneymaker, the 2003 world champ. Moneymaker won an online tournement that cost him $40 to enter, the prize being the $10,000 buy-in for the World Series of Poker. Moneymaker didn;t even have travel expenses or money for a hotel, so he cut his dad and a buddy in for a piece of his entry in exchange for travel funds.

The rest is history, as the Tennessee accountant became the first online player to win a world championship, besting 838 opponents, the largest field in history to that point. A lot of people claim Moneymaker "got lucky". Well, of course he did. At one point, he caught a third eight to beat an opponent with pocket aces, but that being said, NO ONE in the history of tournement poker has won a title without hitting at least one or two lucky cards on the river (called "sucking out", generally by the guy that got beat by the lucky turn or river card.)

The bottom line is that the kid, out $39 on himself against 17 other guys and won the mini-satellite. Then he finished first in a field of sixty to win the entry. THEN he beat the absolute best players in the world in his FIRST live tournement EVER. That's right, Moneymaker's only tournement experience to that point had been via the internet, so he had never even sat face-to-face with other players before. It's hard enough to win one tourney, let alone three in a row, so I will never never slight this guy. What he accomplished had never been done before in the history of poker, why take anything away from the kid?

He isn't even the most intimidating player in this thing. Ram Vaswani, arguably the best player in Britain, won a European Tour event last year, then finished second in the next event. I have seen this guy look right through people on ESPN while holding rags. This guy looks like he's got aces every hand.

I guess all I can do is show up, play my game the best I can and try to not be intimidated.

Hopefully, in a week or so, I will writing a blog about pulling a Moneymaker in Copenhagen.


Blogger GB said...

Hey so when you win, do you sober people still buy celebratory drinks? I heard that they don't. WTF is up with that man?

8:18 AM  
Blogger Korte said...

If I win, I'll buy you enough champagne to send you to a detox.

8:59 AM  
Blogger Gooch----- said...

Moving on to the larger question at hand ... Are you going to buy a pair of those devilishly clever black glasses so know one can see how full of shit you are with your jack/duece?

Ya see, the problem with glasses are they don't keep you from licking your lips [or shitting your pants] when you do actually end up with pocket bullets. Although they do hide your eyes from staring at the pot.
Glasses are overated. Many pros, as they call themselves, do wear Cruise shades. Perhaps it's a fashion statement, or an endorsement deal. I would certainly do it if Oakley and Rayban opened their wallets. I may even consider wearing some diamond-studded Gucci's if Paris Hilton and her photographer entourage wanted a glamour shot of me at the tables. Cool! But less that idea, I'll have to pass. I couldn't call myself a pro wearing some gift shop specials to give myself 'the edge'. If I were conscious of my inability to control my eyes, it seems to me that I would work hard to master this disadvantage and turn the tables of deception against my opponents.
Screw the glasses ! I'd be better off shoving a pine tree freshener down the back of my diaper!

Cheers man! Good luck at the tables.

4:41 AM  
Blogger Korte said...

I am planning on wearing shades, mostly to build my confidence. My glasses are so dark that I can't tell the difference in suits, so I always think I have a flush, which allows to bet with more confidence.

BTW- Thanks for the well wishes.

4:23 AM  

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