Monday, November 07, 2005

A good new book by a guy I know.

My friend Richard Graham-Yooll, a Brit with a funny name, just published his first novel

It's called A Foreign policy. The cool thing is that I saw some of the chapters in this book a couple of years ago when Richard brought them to our writer's group. It's weird seeing this stuff now, seeing changes, but mostly seeing that this guy after working hard on his books for years finally got a chance.

The book is like everything he writes; loaded with tension, plot twists and interesting characters. You can never rest, the thing moves at jet speed from chapter one to the final page.

Please consider buying this book, if you like international or political thrillers, you won't be disappointed.

I got mine at Barnes & Noble, but I did have to order it. My friend found one at a Border's right on the shelf. It comes in paperback and is $6.99. It can also be purchased on I'd put the link here, but it's about a page long.

Richard's site is You can read a little about the book and see if you might like it.


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