Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Come to My Bleeping Show Tonight (Weds, Oct 26th)

I just got a call today from a buddy asking me if I didn't have a festival coming up or something. yeah...the Boston Comedy Festival, last month. This tells me that I either my friend is a boob or I am not that great at telling people interested about my gigs. The website is up and improved and has a schedule, but I somehow botched this, apparently.


Come to my show tonight, come one, come all. It will be a lotta fun.

I am hosting a show at the Comedy Studio Weds night this week. I got to pick the acts, and they are all great, varied and really funny. The best part of this whole thing was the club owner letting me book my own acts, so I naturally picked a bunch of my favorite acts. Many of my favorites aren't on the show, as you can only have so many in one show, but there will be a next time, and time I will tab different faves.

Kelly Macfarland was originally going to close the show but couldn't make it, so I definitely want to snag her in the future. The funny thing was that Peter Dutton was the guy I was going to ask in the first place, but I happened to run into Kelly beforehand and she is so terrifically talented (and busy) that I jumped at the chance to book her.

The Steamy Bohemians always crack me up. They mix in great singing voices with goofy (and a tad dirty) lyirics and great stage presence. Mike Whitman is a comic's comic, kills most audiences, but routinely cracks up the comics, which takes a special talent, and believe me, does not go unappreciated. This guy can make the most painful whow ever enjoyable. Orlando Baxter recently won the South Shore Comedy Riots. Mary Beth Cowan was featured on Last Comic Standing, season two and along with Peter Dutton is considered to be one the best writers around. She is one of those rare comics that cracks me up even when I've heard the joke ten times before. Beside that, she is an absolute sweetie, a really really nice girl.

Please come if you are around town and have the night free, it is going to be a special night, and there are other great comics on board as well, with a couple of surprises thrown in for good measure.


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