Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A Baffling Bumper Sticker combo

I saw a lone bumper sticker on a beat up Ford truck a while back. You don't often see a single bumper sticker on a vehicle. People are generally bumper sticker people or non-bumper sticker people. Many stickers, ah- the person is bumper sticker happy, but ONE sticker, one sticker is a statement.

I am a non-bumper sticker person. right away I wondered what had moved this guy, (who was most likely a non-sticker guy at one point) to label his truck.

The placard shouted "Fluoride KILLS!"

Somewhat disappointed, I did note that I had never heard, nor read that before, so that was something.

Come to think of it, it does seem to explain an odd posted I spotted while getting my teeth cleaned last week:

"Four out of five dentists recommend...DEATH!

Okay, so there was no such poster, but it would have explained the whole fluoride deal

Last week, I saw the most bizarre one-two combo of bumper stickers. It was almost like seeing a "no more blood for oil" sticker on the back of a Hummer, very weird.

Okay... the first one said, "Genetically engineered corn KILLS Monarch butterflies...what next???"

Another bumper sticker sat directly next to it stressing the need to: "Keep abortion legal".

Now no matter what your opinion on abortion, you have to admit this is a baffling duo.

Hmmm... if they could just engineer corn that killed the Monarch in its larval stage, it wouldn't be an issue. Let's face it, while the debate on when human life begins is still heated, everybody knows that a pupa is NOT a butterfly.

Moreover, I wondered how a person came to feel this way about these two particular topics.

"Is it a fetus, is it a person, is it an egg, is it a baby?"

"Oh for fuck's sake, WHO CARES??? Can't you see these crazy farmers are slaughtering moths?!?


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