Monday, September 12, 2005

Comedy Festival Cocktail Party

Saturday night, Sept. 10th was the welcoming Boston Comedy Festival cocktail party. I am not much of an elbow-rubber, but I must admit, it was kind of cool sitting ten feet away from Lewis Black and Alonzo Bodden, as well as the cream of the Boston comedy crop at the Charles Street playhouse.

It was a mix of bigwigs, wannabees, usedtabees and people like me- those that were just happy to be invited and soak it all in. It was cool, but I was ready to come home.

The preliminary rounds of the contest start tonight with what should be the toughest prelim going off at 9pm at the Charles St Playhouse. It is prelim #2, and has DJ Hazard (finalist last year and Boston comedy legend) Kelly MacFarland, and Ira Proctor. Ira seems to keep getting these tough draws, neeting DJ in the prelims last year as well. It also has one my favorite local comics, MYQ Kaplan, who almost didn;t get in, but I think is just terrific both in writing and performance. The Steamy Bohemians, buxom chicks that sing hilariously tasteless songs with beuatiful voices, are also on the card. I really think someone will see them at this festival and they will take off. They are so talented and so different. I'm not sure how they wound up in a stand up competition, but all they need is to be seen by the right people and wow...

I like so many people in the 2nd prelim that I don't know who to root for, but I just hope they all perform up their potential and kick some ass. When a big crowd sees a great comedy show, everybody wins.

The photographer that did my headshots, Andrew Miller, set up a file for me pout of a headshot shrunk down to a 4"x 6" size so I can make some promotional post cards and hopefully leave them out Thursday. I would like to promote my show at the Comedy Studio on Oct. 26th somehow using the postcards if I can.

i've got to hit the road and get ready for these shows. This should be a blast. I am going to use Wednesday and Thursday afternoons to prepare for my set Thursday night.


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