Saturday, September 10, 2005

Holy Crap, I enjoyed myself

I drive out to Worcester every Saturday morning. I usually have one or two sketychy characters keeping me company (and splitting the tolls) but today I was flying solo. I felt a tad liberated.

Last night I stopped by The Comedy Studio, half hoping to jump on and do a set. It probably worked out better as Rick (club manager) needed some help in the booth, and felt good to make myself useful. A technical wizard I am not, and I have goofed things up in the booth in the past, but I didn;t louse anything up for a change.

Truth be told, it was probably good to take a break from doing comedy for a night. My ride to Worcester (sorry to go parenthetical on you there, but that's how my brain works) was most enjoyable. I listened to a little "Breakfast with the Beatles" on 100.7 wzlx, then broke out my new digital recorder and yammered away, doing (not practicing) some of my newer bits, and favorite bits. I just rattled through them, making myself chuckle. It was the first time I had fun doing comedy in a couple of weeks.

My mission? To have fun, dammit. I am going to a cocktail party tonight with many of Boston's comics, a real opportunity to yuck it up with some fun folks. The amazing thing is that I will have fun without nearing a blackout or making a goon out of myself (thank you, God.) This week I will be performing alongside some terrific comedians in front of some juiced crowds, and seeing some old pals I haven't seen in twenty years. What's not to enjoy?


Blogger Tibetan Waterskier said...

Forget e-mails boycotting gas. You should be a prime target for e-mails boycotting trips to Worcester. A city boy like you should stay away from "western Massachusetts"....

2:55 PM  

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