Tuesday, September 13, 2005

WARNING: check for ticket availability!

I was pretty bummed out tonight as I was absolutely jacked up for the show and got denied entry. The Vault is so small and the place was so packed that they weren't even allowing comedians on the shows to stay in the room before or after their sets. From what I grasp, they were going down in groups of three, wow.

Terror is running through my head now... what if what if what if... what if someone does a similar joke to something I have planned, what if...argh...

Anyway, I wanted to warn any of you cool cats that might be planning to come down to the show Thursday night that there will not be any tickets available for you. You can order them online and as far as I know, there are still tickets available at this point, but there won't be for long. Even comics, notoriously cheap and as willing to pay for entry to a comedy show as Bush is willing to admit when he fucks up, were talking about buying tickets to make sure they can get in to shows.

Comics are allowed free entry as long as there is room, but the Vault only holds about 50, plus 25 standing room, (plus indistry folks that sit in the "vault" area, usually reserved for comedians) which I believe violates a few fire codes, but who's counting?

The place to go to order tickets is bostoncomedyfestival.com and you can do it online. i;d like to tell you it's easy, but I have no idea.

Two guys won tonight in the third preliminary that I haven't heard of. A couple of my favorites were in, so I was really hoping they would come through, but didn't make it.

Again- if you are planning on attending Thursday, order tickets online. DO NOT try to show up and get in, even if you show up really early, you will not get in. If you do get tickets online, STILL show up early, as it is general admission, and some of the seats are going to be standing room.

See some of you Thursday!


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