Saturday, October 01, 2005

Roadsteamer Rocks TT's

Just got back from TT the Bear's after watching Robbie Roadsteamer blow the roof off the joint for the umpteenth time. The predominate thought I have every time I see this guy and his unbelievably talented band is "why are they playing here? Why isn't this guy on Conan O'Brien yet?

I'm sure this has been written somewhere before, but... Robbie Roadsteamer is a cross between a WWF villain and a stereotypical heavy metal rocker. He is a deliberate lampoon of the music he so loves and especially its lyrics. Roadsteam often dons snake skin leather pants bound together with duct tape (women's size 18), but tonight he wore a bright reed pantsuit of some kind, and tied it off at the waist.

Much of the hilarity in Roadsteamer's act is in the anecdotal and silly lyrics, but Robbie himself is nothing short of a constant spectacle. He is forever playing up every metal lead singer cliche move imaginable, and the mystery is how he does this schlock with a straight face.

You either love or hate him, but the bottom line is that this kid is a friggin' genius.

Rifling through a repertoire loaded with inane songs like "I'm Sorry Yopur Cat has Ass Cancer" and "The Hand I Beat Dog's with" ("Don't worry, it's not about hitting dogs, it's about picking up ugly chicks at lame sports bars like Scorz with a "z" in New Hampshire", the Steamer explains on stage. The list goes on and on, and the show ends with "Pee with your Father" and his latest hit, (which the video for is absolutely hysterical) "I Put a Baby in You."

The kick in the pants is the excellent band playing behind Robbie. His new lead guitarist fills Dave Pino's massive shoes with competence and incredible flair, the kid is 21 years old, and a natural. I wish I knew everyone's name, but I don't, but these guys can flat out smoke. Everpresent whipping boy and oh-by-the-way Berkley trained keyboardist Nick D' Amico serves as the lightening rod for much of Roadsteamer antics. There couldn;t be two guys that look less likely able to work together, yet these guys are masterful.

And oh, did I mention that these guys can play the hell of a joint. They just seem to get better every time I see them. Robie Roadsteamer made it all the way to the finals of the WBCN Rock & Roll Rumble, (which is really odd for a rock band to do nowadays) before getting jacked up by the judges in the final. I'm not sure, but there might have been one too many blunt shots at BCN and the contest itelf, as well as the Boston music scene.

No one is spared when Steamer open his yap. This guy is brutal, yet he says everything you want to say if you are a real fan of genuine old school rock and roll. What most amazes me is his willingness to take shots at the people writing him checks. After skewering the BCN rumble and the playlist at WBCN itself, Steamer was eliminated from the finals, in spite of clearly having the greatest audience response of the night and the best band musically.

This doesn't seem to affect his willingness to punch the next guy in the nose. When playing The Paradise last month, Roadsteamer pointed out that he "had to beg them to let him play there" and that they "really want to hire another Queensryche (sp?) cover band."

Robbie also never fails to take at least one shot at local breakout band The Dresden Dolls, a caberet act that of course won...The WBCN Rock and Roll Rumble last year or the year before. I found them extremely talented and entertaining for about 40 minutes, but I did not find them to be a rock band... he may have had a point.

When a rambunctious fan yelled at him on stage, Steamer replied, "I'm not wearing face paint buddy, I'll come down there and kick your ass.

If you get a chance, please see this guy and his terrific band before you see them on Letterman.


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