Friday, October 28, 2005

I Need to Learn about Marketing

Ok... so the show Weds night was really good, but man, I have to learn something about marketing. There were only about 22 or so people there (plus 10 or 12 comics), and of the 22 18 were people I had told about the show, or knew people that knew me, etc.

Granted, we're up against "Lost" on ABC and Weds has been a dead night, one show was recently cancelled and another had like 9 people, but argh... I really wanted to jam the joint.

All in all, it went well, I did a way better job of hosting than I thought I would do and actually took to it naturally. I normally do a block of time and get the hell out of Dodge, but it kind of fun to keep coming back with comments and riffing on what other people were doing.

I have got to figure out a way to get word out to people about a show and how to market the show to people who would like to see a great comedy show in Harvard Sq for next-to-nothing.

On a positive note, I visited a friend at the hospital today, one day after he had brain surgery, and he is supposedly going to be fine. The really positive note (chronic comic that I am) is that I got a new joke out of it. Another new boit popped into my head yesterday. It's more of a premise right now, but the joke is slowly writing itself. As long as I try not think about it, a new piece of the puzzle periodically comes to me.


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