Saturday, January 21, 2006

Things in Copenhagen that I am not resentful about

I am not at all resentful about the broadcasters repeatedly calling me Kortay and Korta.

When I told the main guy it was "cort", he apologized, saying he had a hard time with Skandinavian names. I told him I was an Amercian, and he said, "I can;t do anything right." But he was a nice guy. they kept alternating the announcers, and each and everyone of them butchered my name. I hope I get a copy of this broadcast, it will be, by far, funnier than my act.

I'm not resentful at Joe Hachem for insisting I sound like I am from New Jersey. I simply explained to him that I was from BOSTON and we don;t sound ANYTHING LIKE the pople from New York or Jersey, then I threw a Pepsi at him.

Okay, I made up that last part for dramatic effect.

I am also not resentful at the cute Japanese maid. We had a little communication problem, even though her English was quite good. In the end, she apologized profusely, saying, "your english is very good, really it is."

She must have thought I was Austrian or something and english was my second language.. badumpump- okay, that one hurt a little, but I forgave her almost immediately after she left the fresh towels.

I am not resentful at the entire casino and poker tourney staff, none of whom apparently know the schedules for the side tournements. Okay, there may be a tinge of resentment there. Tomorrow's side tournement sold out, which is probably for the better.


Blogger GB said...

You're gonna resent not bringing back any good beer if you know what I mean...

1:20 PM  

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