Friday, January 27, 2006


Maybe the best thing about the Copenhagen trip was beconing a prolific blogger... well the best thing for me anyway. I have had such a difficult time with consistency regarding writing and any writing, even blogging, is improvement.

I actually missed it wen I was in Germany. It was really frustrating not being to access my blogger account. I could kind of get in, but all the instructions were in German and the letters on my brother-in-law's keyboard are actually different from American keyboards. Overall, it was a nice trip, but short and I never really got used to the time change while I was away.

One treat was every time we sat down to eat. My sister's husband is something of a Renaissance man. He paints, he builds stuff, like fixtures, clocks, tables, shelves and a greenhouse, attached to the kitchen... but the talent I most benefit from is his chef-hood.

He is amazing in the kitchen. He's one of these guys that grows his own herbs, so he can them fresh at any moment he needs them. We had a really neat German breakfast with meat, cheese and bread and about five kinds of jam- all homemade. We washed it down with apple juice from apples that they picked and pressed.

He also made an apple wine that was quite popular with their circle of friends, all very likable and friendly folks, though given my history, I had to pass on the old apple wine. I wasn't sure about the quality and availability of detoxes, so I took a pass.

I learned about a few more differences between us yanks and the Europeans. It was about 25 degrees and we were taking the car into town to do some shopping. I knew we were taking the car in because I asked, "are we taking the car, or walking?" and received an answer of, "we're taking the car" which I thought cleared things up for me.

What Europeans actually mean when they say "we're taking the car" is that we will be taking a car for about a ten minute drive, then walking for about forty-five minutes. I was only weating a fleece and a sweatshirt, as I figured we would be either in the car or in a store for the bulk of the time and was met with derision and mockery of Americans "considering w-a-l-k a four letter word" which it is by the way- there are clearly four letters in walk, though I do not consider it profanity.

I can sense my sister eyebrows raising as she reads this, but there was indeed derision and mockery, Barb, oh yes yes there was!

The next day I was better prepared. We went into a really neat little town with a castle and many cool shops lined along streets with very old houses on it. It was very cool and had a historical vibe to it.

I dressed warmly, again as I told my dearest sister, I and Bostonians in general and not afraid of a good walk, we just consider walking primarily functional when it is 20-25 degrees outside, and most of my recreational walking comes spring-fall.

The town, however was lovely and we stopped in a little hotel in a very old building for lunch. I ordered the soup, which was yummy, though I did collect a few strange looks from the waitstaff when I dipped my toes in the soup to warm up. It may have been a little off base, but frpstbite is no joke, and I need those toes to walk the beach next week.

More on Barb which will irritate her:

My sister has a beautiful golden retriever named Ruffy, who is quite a character. The most amusing thing is my sister's interpretation of Ruffy's thoughts and actions, which apparently mainly cinsist of sarcasm and insults directed at my sister.

Each sigh means, "I'll do it, but I won't like, you old bat" and each grumble means "up yours".

I got a quite different feel to the chit chat emanating from the dog, but what do I know?

The most amusing thing to me was Barb's insistence that every time Ruffy got worked up, it was because he was near water, ragardless of the cirumstances.

At one point, Ruffy chased a cat that was actually on fire and fighting with a rabid squirrel over a nut, and Barb insisted he was drawn to the valley because there must have been a glacier that once moved through it, and he somehow had sensed it.

Again, it is her dog, so what do I know?

I know this- I am going to get a "nougie" for those last comments.

Thanks for the visit Barb- it was great to see you and Dieterich.


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