Thursday, February 16, 2006

Why "Brokeback Mountain" will sweep the Oscars

Brokeback Mountain is a shoe-in for best picture. For one thing, there isn't much that really jumps out this year. "Munich" would be my pick, and "Syriana" was good, although admittedly difficult to follow. I loved "Good Night and Good Luck" and I couldn't believe David Strathairn (who played newsman Edward R. Murrow so brilliantly) didn't win the Golden Globe, so I hope he takes the Oscar. "Good Night and Good Luck" would be another fantastic choice for Best Picture, but I'm not sure enough people saw the film for Hollywood to give it the nod.

While as few people probably saw "Brokeback Mountain", Brokeback has other things in its corner, and believe me- the film is going to clean up.

Admittedly, I haven't actually seen Brokeback Mountain, and it may not be the best picture in the running, but the Democrats will do anything to piss off the Bush Administration... and Hollywood is the last thing in this country they actually have control over.

I can hear the chatter in L.A. now:

Flunkie ONE: "You voting for Brokeback for best picture?"

Flunkie TWO: I sure am!

Flunkie ONE: So you think it was the best movie, huh?

Flunkie TWO: No...FUCK BUSH! That's why!!! Brokeback for best picture, best director, best screenplay...Brokeback for BEST ANIMATED FEATURE!!!

Flunkie ONE: Um... Brokeback wasn;t actually anim...

Flunkie TWO: Hey... you wanna tap my phone??? Well then Brokeback Mountain wins twelve Oscars... take THAT President Bush!

The Demorats might have been humiliated in 2000 & 2004, but see if the vaunted right wing can win an election on prime time television...I don't think so, beyaaaaaatch.

Hollywood andf the liberals have absolutely OWNED prime time, baby. The courageous reps from the left actually put forth an Hispanic candidate on West Wing... gutty, very very gutty. David Palmer was elected on FOX's 24, and the Dem's even managed to get the first woman (in the person of Geena Davis) elected on ABC.

Maybe I'm a tad cynical, but shouldn't these shows be playing on the SCI FI channel in between the X Files and Battlestar Gallactica? An Hispanic? A black guy? A woman???

Would someone please gimme a break? We couldn't even elect a RICH WHITE GUY.


Blogger Dot Dwyer said...

Don't forget "Crash" I thought that was well -written and well acted. "Brokeback" is beautiful to look at and the images will stay with you for a while. . . . the images from "Meatballs" also stayed with me for a long time afterward, as well. . . .

6:03 AM  

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