Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Tight Fit

Get your minds out of the gutter.

About 18 months ago ro so, I headed down to Greenwich Village to see an L.A. early 90s punk band called "The Muffs". One of the opening bands was this crazy local bunch of kids. They had seven of them I think, three cats playing gitar, drums and keyboards, and four chicks fronting the band, wearing snazzy black dresses and dancing and singing in harmony. They were a real sugary pop band that was borrowing heavily from the 50s, but man were they ever tight. The shocker is that this was only their second gig... ever.

I was blown away.

The band had a super-cool name to boot, The Tight Fit- and the name made sense, they were tight and I dunno, it just had a ring to it.

Apparently they got sued, but that's another story. The had to change their name and what they came up with after (I'm guessing here) many disagreements and cocktails, was "Tra La La". They asked fans for suggestions, and I sent in a few, though I don't recall what they were, they had to be better than Tralala. As best as I can recall, I had a few themes trying to keep the Tight Fit vibe. I think they involved tight razor blades or something to that effect. Perhaps band-naming isn't a lightening rod for my creativity...

I want to support this band, but I am afraid if I stroll around Somerville wearing a "Tralala" T-shirt I am likely to catch a shiv in the ribs- and deservedly so.

Anywho... I have waited and waited for these guys to come to Massachusetts. My fix was temporarily satisfied when I ordered their cd a few months ago, but it really only served to whet my appetite.

To make a story that didn't even need to be this long painfully longer still, well, Tralala is coming to play in Union Sq. Somerville (holy crap... Creed just popped on the radio in the other room... *&^^$(%% are these clowns horrid) back to business... Tralala plays the PA Lounge in Union Sq (I might be goofing up the name of that joint, but it's close) on Saturday, April 1.

If you want to check out the band's website and hear some free samples, its:


Yeah- it's a terrible name, but a great band- go see these guys.


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