Friday, March 31, 2006

Mike Donovan's Sports Show

Monday night, April 3rd, long time Boston stand up comedian and writer Mike Donovan will stage his first "All Sports Show" at Jimmy Tingle's Off Broadway Theater in Davis Square, Somerville. Jimmy said today that the plan is to "try it for at least the monthof April" and see how it goes.

Mike has been writing about sports, talking about it on the radio and cracking people up for over two decades.

I am psyched that I was invited to perform Monday Night, as I have wanted to catch Mike's act for what seems like forever, and performing with him should be a real blast. I also have a new bit aout Tim McCarver that about six people on the planet will get, and I suspect at least three of those people will be at Tingle's Monday Night.

If you have nothing to do- and let's face it, if you claim to have something to do Monday night, you are lying, come on down to Jimmy Tingle's Off Broadway Theater in Davis Sq and check out the show.

I believe the show is ten bucks- Amercian, $13.75 Canadian or 8.50 Euro.


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