Monday, March 27, 2006

Email Snafu

If you have tried to email me through my website since it was updated to the flash style web page, oh say six months ago, I have not received your email.

A few people mentioned to me that they had emailed me, and I had not received them. I mentioned it to my web guy and he checked it out and found that the link works percetly well, and you can cut-and-paste the link into an email, but ther eis something wrong with the "form", though I am not sure what that means, aside from form difficulties= no emails.

I am not angry in the least, the website is great, looks great and presents me as far more talented and professional than I actually am.

What is actually washing over me is relief. I have been flooding the clubs I have worked with my postcards, complete with website info. I wondered why the emails haven't been pouring in from young single chicks and now I know. It's the damn website's fault. For a second there I thought it had something to do with me, thank heaven it was simply technical difficulties.


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