Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Good Deed for the Day

Boston's Animal Rescue League is sponsored by a number of advertisers. Those advertisers make donations based on the amount of traffic the Animal Rescue Site gets, and the amount of people who go to the site and click the "free donation" button.

It costs you and me nothing, but keeps the Animal Rescue League going, saving animals which would otherwise be destroyed. It takes only a few seconds and costs nothing.

Stevie- put that gym sock back in the drawer, pull up your pants, go to the site and... "CLICK DONATE".

Mikey- set the bong aside... just set it aside, don't get worked up, I didn't say "put it away", just set it aside for a moments or two, go to the site and "CLICK".

Donna- never mind, you have probably already clicked it, saved it, and sent it to more people than I have.

Dawty- click

Burnsy- click

Tom- You got your democrat in, stop perusing CNN online, The Onion, and The New York Times, and..., you got it, CLICK.

Tina- stop clicking donate, and get back to work. Someone has to earn a living around here, and it isn't likely to be me.

Shelley- stop letting your cat wake you up at 3 am and click.



Thanks everyone- click.

The rest of yiz- CLICK, CLICK, AND CLICK.


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