Friday, December 05, 2008


Got a text today from Tina. Apparently, one of the mice got bagged in a snap trap. He couldn't possibly be the last one, or be the ring leader. I suspect he is another stooge. Those little punks have been cleaning out those snap traps for two or three weeks, unscathed, so the mouse who tripped it must be a flippin' dunce.

Edison, he is not.

Still, one less rodentia is a good thing. There are a couple of blogs I'd like to recommend. One is Nick Zaino's Comedy Blog. Nick has been covering Boston Comedy for ages for the Boston Globe and Boston Herald. Due to budget cuts, that is no longer happening. Nick, driven by love of comedy rather than a paycheck, continues to write about Boston Comedy in a time when it is just beginning to explode all over again.

The energence of terrific new young comics like Shane Mauss, Dan Bouler and a host of other- Renata Tutko and Ken Reid, the list goes on and on, it is a privilege to have an experienced writer like Nick Zaino covering this stuff.

Dan Sally and Andy Ofiesh have a show at a new comedy club in Fanieul Hall called Mottley's. It is run by local comics Tim McIntire and Jon Lincoln. From past work with these guys, I know this club is going to clutch onto all the things that make a comedy club great.


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