Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Edison, 2007- Nov. 25, 2008

Well... the mockery continued, but Ed is laughing no longer. The crazy mice went overkill, actually tipping the snap-trap upside down, for Pete's sake, as well as taking about five dumps IN the glue trap I set in there. The little guy appeared to have gotten stuck in it, as they were a bunch of gray hairs, but he somehow escaped.

Last night, Tina opened the drawer where the little kook liked to frequent, and saw him struggling mightily, stuck in the glue trap and dragging it toward the back of the drawer. She quickly shut the drawer and said something like, "I can't watch this."

I got an old coffee can and tossed Edison and his giant snow-shoe like glue trap inside. I think I hurt him pretty badly trying to stuff the trap, which was slightly larger than the opening to the can, inside it.

Placing the can in the mud room, I went into the living room to find Tina with eyes of red, sniffling.

"I'm so sad he had to get caught in the glue. It's just too bad they have to poop everywhere."

Talk about a sweetie... she was absolutely busted up about this little rodent, granted, he was kinda cute, but still, this little punk has been taunting us for weeks. I checked on him, the little guy was terrified and hurt badly. I have never been much for killing stuff, so I said a little prayer for forgiveness for killing the tiny creature and put him out of his misery as quickly as possible.

I hope he was working alone, I'm calling it "The Lone Rodent Theory"... but there's something about the angle at which the cheese was removed from the snap trap that suggests there may have been a second mouse involved in the plot.


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