Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Better than Expected

Well, it is going much better than I thought. I took yesterday (Tuesday) off as I worked and by the time I got home, it was pretty late and I was watching the election results. I went to an abbreviated version of my writer's group, where we were basically checking in about our Nano novels.

Today I was scooting around the NaNo site and checked out a few of the Nanos of past years that have actually been published. Just reading the synopses of a few of these helped my creative mind percolate a bit. I thought of characters I've always wanted to do something with, and combined a little of them with a little of this guy and a little of me and added one to the story.

From ancient history... well, twenty years or so, that's pretty ancient to me, I remembered a couple of unsavory but compelling characters I knew little of, but all I knew was pretty dark. I actually have to tone down the characters I know from real life to make them more believable. It always amuses me how many of the "real" things that have happened to me, or that I know about are too extreme for fiction, or are not believable.

I got on a decent roll today and cranked out a couple thousand words, but more importantly, started to get a shape of some semblance of a developing story.

9,000+ words...I'd say it was about time.

Mostly, I am just excited that I am actually DOING IT. I am also pumped because my stagnant writer's group is really flowing. I mean EVERYONE is back at it, it is really inspiring. Another local comic jumped in, Mandy Donovan. I don't know her that well, but I have net her a few times. She has the distinction of being the only Quaker I know who is also a comic.

I am taking a bit of a break this afternoon, and will probably jump back in and write some more at some point today.


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