Saturday, November 01, 2008

2100 words

Woo hoo!!! The night didn't start out as I had hoped, but it went better than I expected as I found some way top crank out 2100+ words in about 90 minutes.I decided to meet a few other worcester NaNos for a write in at a place called The Q- a cafe on Chandler St. in Worcester.

The place was pretty cool, but small, and they had someone playing music. Someone told the NaNo rep that there was no music tonight, alas, there was music, so I bolted. I ordered a slice of key lime pie that I cancelled, but I took the cofee to go. At $2.36, it seemed a tad pricey until I took a sip- it was nirvana.

If I was going to pat over two bucks for a cup of java again, I hope it tasted that good. It was almost worth the 15 minute trip just to get that coffee. I knew if I went home I wouldn;t get anything done. My girlfriend would be there studying, but I would probably log on and goof off online or something, so I searched my brain for a place I could hang for a while and at least get some writing in.

I passed Wholly Canolli, and it wa still open. It was around 7pm, and I was pleasantly surprised to find they were open until 9pm. I ordered another coffee I didn't need and an Apple Crumb Square that I definitely did not need.

At first, I was the only one in the place and all was perfect. Forty-five minutes later I got another half cup of coffe, and altough the place had filled up a bit and got a bit noisier, it was still terrific. Ater taking a quick word count and finding I had surpassed 2100 words, I logged off after starting a new thought.

Someone from my writing group mentioned that Stephen King always left a piece after jotting down the very beginning to the next idea. It added continuity and gave you somewhere to start from so you didn;t have to go from a dead stop next time youpicked up the keyboard.

Here's hoping tomorrow is even more successful word count-wise as today.

Woo hoo!


Blogger GB said...

Not sure it was Steven King, but Hemmingway apparently used to stop in the middle of a sentence. I've done this before. Not a bad idea, but it is harder to stop in the middle of the sentence than you may think it...

10:53 AM  

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