Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Big Stah

Well, I haven't been writing, because much of late has been poker-related, but I felt like updating a bit.

Upon returning from Melbourne, I discovered that I apparently had been's first money winner in a main event. Admittedly, I was the first winner because I busted out 20 minutes before scott Allen (Texas), who actually became the site's BIGGEST money winner as he claimed 5 grand more than me.

I am "Bertiewooster", which is my handle on several sites... the sites I haven't been kicked off yet due to my statius as a U.S.A. player. I am, of course, on the left and Scott is on the right with Jimmy Fricke, a 19 year old kid who eventually came in 2nd to tourney champ and seasoned pro Gus Hansen.

Here is a link worth a chuckle (to me anyway) as the staff sings my praises after I won their Winter Championship Sunday.

Here is an admiring blogger, my head is getting HUGE

That's right- I get to play in another main event this year. I haven't chosen which one yet, as I need to wait to find out if I advance in the Poker Dome in about 10 days. In case I have failed to mention it, I will be playing on the FSN TV show "The Poker Dome". We tape Feb. 10th and my brother Bill and Jay will be there in the studipo audience cheering me on. Of course, I won't actuall HEAR them cheering me on, as I will be in a sealed dome, afixed to a heart monitor- yeah, it's kind of a crazy show.

I must give at least half the credit to my poker partner Beau. He has layed really well and has found most of the tournament opportunities online that we've won. My pal Boudy told me not to worry about assigning credit to Beau, as he will most likely claim it anyway... true dat.

This week was a little frustrating, as I got kicked off another great poker site, ripe with specials and tournaments with amazing "overlays" (value beyond the actual buy in). Being American is increasingly difficult in the world of online poker.

Because of the U.S. Government's Gestapo-like tactics of "detaining" representatives of foreign companies, some who are connected to gaming websites, but the last batch of whom only worked for a foreign bank (Neteller) who services American citizens who SOUGHT THEM OUT, many of these organizations are succumbing to the pressure levied by the U.S. Gov.

Ironically, these companies have yet to break any laws, and are regulated within their own nations (like England and Australia, who are allegedly U.S. trade partners.)

In harrassing the Netellers folks, the U.S. cited the 1961 Wire Act.
In other recent news, the WTO found AGAINST the U.S. Gov, affirming an earlier decision in favor of anti-trust suits by Barbuda and Antigua.

The U.S. opted to interpret the ruling more, basically ignoring the ruling.

I am about as A-political as they come, but I must wonder why I am claiming winnings on my taxes that the governemtn doesn't want to have, doesn't know I have, in order that they may continue to pass laws without a vote that opress my individual freedoms.

I have voted for a variety of parties and candidates and in the past have voted for Republicans, including Bush Sr the first time he ran and wonder what happened to "the less government" banner and am also wondering when democracy will return to my country.

I sincerely hope it is before I am forced to move to Canada.


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