Saturday, January 13, 2007

Feddish in Melbourne

So last night Tina and Chris (poker site's representatives) took all the poker players to a nice dinner at a restaurant called Fetish. She asked us to "dress up, as this place is fancy."

Poker players... ya can't take us anywhere. We are like high school kids forced to wear a tie to church, especially online players. On a positive note, I was the only one who wore a jacket and about 3 or 4 of us out of 17 looked half way presentable. I always say, "I'd rather look good than be a good player."

Okay, I've never said that, but I'm thinking of coining a phrase. I am a little irritated that I woke up about 7:30am here. I stayed up late hoping to sleep in a bit and adjust my schedule so I will be prepared to stay up late and be alert tomorrow night.

I must say, it is a pretty nice crew of guys, not a bad bunch of ragamuffins, as my mom used to say when I was little.

I further realized what a pansy I am, as I miss my chick and the autistic goof I take care of. I am not sure how I am going to pas the time this week without tackling my little buddy and pretending I am beating him up (he loves it, really he does.) I miss terribly his smile and laugh and his deliberate efforts to ignore me and do what he wants.

After getting tagged for $25 bucks for breakfast yesterday, I am going to be more careful where I eat and venture out into the city to find an eatery. Mango juice is a nice change of pace, but I'm not sure it is worth a twennyspot.

The tourney starts today and I will likely venture down and get a feel for the room, although I don't start until tomorrow at 11:30am, which is 7:30pm Sunday night for east coasters.


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