Friday, January 12, 2007


Well, I have kind of had a policy of not writing about poker on the blog, hence very little writing of late on the blog, BUT... since I have faily and friends who wish to keep pace with my goofy exploits down under, I will report here this week.

For those completely in the dark as to what the hell I am talking about, Iwon an entry into the Aussie Millions Poker Tournament in Melbourne, Australia. I kinda targeted this tourney as the one I most wanted to win an entry to, as I have long wanted to see Australia.

I am reasonably exhausted. It wasn't a bad flight, 25 or 26 hours en route to anywhere will take the wind out of your sails. I caught a huge break on the flight from L.A. to Sydney when my chair wouldn't recline, so I got moved to a vacant aisle seat...SCORE!

The Australian airport security is as vigilant as our security, but twice as silly. They run you through x-ray machines repeatedly as you transfer from one plane to another and have already been cleared, doing the laptop-out-shoes-off shuffle.

Everything here is super expensive here, obliterating the short-lived glee I got from what I thought was a favorable exchange rate. $3.50 for a cuppa coffee, $12 to get a jacket drycleaned, and $15 for a vagrant to give me the same hand gallop I can get in any park in Boston for five bucks... highway robbery if you ask me.

I went down to register for the tourney and saw that the field for the tourney will be between 650-750 players. Many of the top pros in the world are here, which is kinda fun, but nerve-wracking to say the least.

There will be two day ones, because of the size of the field. I will be playing on Monday, Jan 15th at 11:30am, which is about 7:30pm EST. I get to play in a little free tourney for players tomorrow.

That is all... losing consciousness.


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