Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Well, I got booted tonight, but there was no injustice in it.

I drew the 2nd slot. The crowd was kinda lame and didn't get cranked up in any capacity until around the 5th comic. I thought I hit my jokes, but I just didn't get the reaction I'd hoped for.

The guys who won- Dan Boulger, a terrific young Boston comic and Vargas Mason, a black guy from Denver were really deserving. I thought the judges nailed it. Boulger really turned the room around and the other guy capitalized on the crowd, riding the wave. He was different, sort of theatrical in a way, but damn funny.

Dan Hirshon really should get some credit for waking up an otherwise lethargic audience. His performance, in part, made Boulger's masterpiece of a set possible.

The best comment I heard all week was from a female friend of mine, and 15+ year Boston comedy veteran. Summing up Boulger's confidence and command of the stage, she said, "He may look about 12, but on that stage he's six foot seven with a giant cock... and he knows it."

As brilliant as Boulger is, I'm not sure he's ever written anything that good.

In the late preliminary, local cat and buddy MYQ Kaplan won, along with Al Jackson. I was confused about where he is from. He mentioned he was "from" here and commented on exit signs for Dorchester, then said something about moving to NYC from L.A... but he was very good, and I had him picked along with MYQ.


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