Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My Official Prune Juice Glass

Well, it's official. I have moved on from youth. Being that I recently turned 40, it may have happened a while back, but as they say, you are always the last to know.

This morning I was about to pour myself a glass of prune juice, an act in and of itself indicative of a changing of the guard, when I realized I didn't have my favorite glass out.

My brother-in-law's brother gave me these nice cider glasses when I visited Germany earlier in the year. The glasses are nice, but I had yet to find a practical use for them. They are just a tad small for a cold coke, and I am a guy that likes a glass of orange juice in a 16 oz. beer stein (probably revenge for all those insulting shot-glass sized OJs I had as a kid.)

About a month or so back, I concluded that a jolt of prune juice a few times per week would be beneficial to my... system. At first, I resisted, feeling that prune juice is strictly for the elderly. When my body chattered back to me, I relented.

What I didn't expect was to find myself glaring at a glass at 8am on a Tuesday morning thinking, "Hey, THAT isn't my prune juice glass!"

So, whatever delusions of youth I may have clung to shattered with that moment. It isn't so bad ater all. I still have my hair, all my teeth, and you know, this stuff isn't half bad. And let's face it- it really moves the mail.


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