Saturday, July 15, 2006


105.7...or, as I like to call it, all Elton John, all the time.

Can we end the Elton John era? Can we, please?

This dude is one of the unfortunate artists whose material just grows more and more and dated with each passing day. This doesn't slow down the folks at 105.7, though, not in the least. They play that annoying tripe from the Lion King soundtrack as frequently as possible, but for some reason, are still critically attached to "Crockodile Rock" like a one armed man, determined to swim across the English Channel while holding a brick is his good hand.

Barring anything ever done by Phil Collins ever, I can not think of a tune more pointless and void of entertainment value than Crockodile Rock.

I remember when rock was young too, Elton. You probably still had hair then. By the way, I hope you mentioning "rock" in this song doesn't imply that you think this song "is" rock... because tat would be hurtful, gratuitous, and unneccesary. (To quote E.B. Farnum)

Why am I listening to 105.7 WLAME, you ask? I am chronic channel-flipper. In spite of the fact that something listenable crosses 105.7 more infrequently than a bright idea crosses President Bush's mind, I keep it in the programmed channels. I guess last week's "Tainted Love" is keeping it afloat. It is almost a queer curiosity now... is 105.7 playing "Tequila Sunrise", or "Benny and the Jets"?


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