Tuesday, May 16, 2006

"Twin Peaks had a second season?"

I was in Hollywood Video (not to be confused with Hollywood Express) looking for a series to rent. I settled on "Dead Like Me", which was actually original and quite good.

I noticed on the way out that they still have't gotten the second season to Twin Peaks in yet, and it came out last July. I asked the young girl at the counter when she thought they would be getting it in, and she sadly stated that she doubted they would be getting it in at all. The manager steps from behind her and says, "Twin Peaks had a second season?"

My question is this... why is this woman even alowed IN a video store, let alone running one?

"There was a second season to Twin Peaks?" Are you shitting me?

It's bad enough they aren't carrying it, yet have TWO copies of last year's "OC", but to employ someone complete unaware of Twin Peaks in a video store, well it just feels wrong to me.

Fortunately, I was there, and went to town on said manager.


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