Sunday, September 03, 2006

Telltale Signs

You know you've been dating/with someone for waaaay toooo long when the smallest things they habitually do begin to drive you insane. I haven't "dated" anyone since Member's Only jackets were in style, but I have been experiencing this very same sensation with my roommate.

Instead of writing a nice essay about flying down to Greeneville, NC to surprise my old high school buddy for his 40th birthday, I sit here with my head about to explode.

Maybe I am just too old to have a roommate, maybe it is time for me to find a way to keep the job I love which pays modestly and get my own place somehow. Maybe the answer is suburbs, or additional jobs, or selling crack. I dunno, but anything has got to be better than this.

When things get to a point where you can't even discuss the simplest of issues without wanting to punch a guy in the neck, maybe parting ways is the best choice for all concerned.

I think I started writing this blog tonight so I could rant about Tom's antics tonight, lay it out and character assassinate, make myself feel better for nine seconds, but I have somehow calmed down just enough to realize how pointless and silly that is and what a colossal waste of time that would be.

Perhaps I should put that angst and energy into finding a place to live that won't lead me to serving 15-to-life in the state pen.

In closing... if you hear of a cheap one bedroom apartment in the area, in the name of all that's holy, let me know about it.


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