Saturday, November 08, 2008

Fear Not the Word Count

It's Saturday, November 8th. If I were on pace for 50,000 in the Write-a-novel in-a-month deal, I would be at 13,600 words after today. I am still sitting at about 9,400, but oddly, am not concerned. I read on the Nanowrimo website that week two is often the toughest week for many participants.

I am honestly pretty excited about it. I can't wait to find out what direction this thing is going to go in, it is like it is writing itself and I am just watching the story develop, jotting it down as it tells what is happening.

Nothing happened to deter me after my fast start, I simply haven't been able to write due to work and some travel. I wish I could have broken out the laptop on my flights, but my laptop has one of the lamest batteries of all time and is good for about 10-15 minutes, tops. I do have a 90 minute layover tomorrow, so maybe I can get 45 minutes or so in there, but I doubt it. I would almost rather wait until I get home and can just focus for a couple of hours.

Normally, I would get bummed out at falling behind, or would see it as a sign that I wasn't going to see it through, but even though it is early, I have a great vibe about finishing, and more importantly, I feel like this little project is really going to rejuvenate my old writer's group which had become a writer's group in name only... correct-none of us writes much anymore.

I am in Oklahoma City, OK today. I took a ride by the new Federal bldg which replaced the building McVeigh blew up. It is an ominous sight, with many statues, benches, headstones and such set about in remembrance of those killed in the bombing.

Oklahoma City is a pretty neat city. Right outside of downtown (This the "old"part of town) it looks nothing like city living, with very suburban style homes. Although they are very close to one another, they are large, beautiful homes which look like they should be set somewhere in the countryside rather than 1/2 mile from a city center.

The weather here today is my favorite 65 degrees and sunny.

I am pumped to get back at the novel.


Blogger GB said...

OY! I've been writing more than any of you since the group stopped meeting!! ;-(

10:55 AM  

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