Tuesday, November 11, 2008

17,000 words

Well, I crested 17,000 words today, and am almost back on pace. More importantly, I am hating the story slightly less. I might have been a little hard on it (and me) when I started referring to it as "soft porn". Yeah, there was one moderately graphic slice, but it is not a theme.

I am headed, I think, in the right direction, as the poor bastard's life is getting ready to spiral...haven't quite yet decided the exact straw for the proverbial camel's back... hey, as an aside- who knew it was spelled proverbial? I had to spell check incorrect versions of that words three times... anywho, I do feel like the exercise is going fairly well in that it is teaching me to write without editing as I go... that's what second drafts are for.

The point being, if you are in constant editing mode, you never finish a FIRST DRAFT.

Oh, and I (cleverly) named the thing "Boomerang"... cuz everything is gonna back on the protagonist...get it?... get it?


Blogger lovinmyvoice said...

Catchy title!

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