Tuesday, December 02, 2008

"The Double" or "yougottabef&^$%#kiddingme"

Saddam had a double, had many of them actually. Most world leaders, from Fidel Castro to Simon Barsinister have had a double. Hollywood's leading men and ladies have stunt double- folks who come in and fall down a flight of stairs or take a punch in the face just in the nick of time... then the hero steps back in for the frontal camra shot and gets all the credit.

Apparently, the mouse we thought was Edison was nothing more than a lackey, double. To his credit, once captured, the mouse did everything in his power to convince me that he was in fact, Edison, and said nothing to betray his superior.

How could I have been such a fool? How could I have believed the genius mouse who pooped on top of the trap, who flipped a trap over and cleaned it out, who removed a piece of cheese wedged onto the trigger release of a trap, and walked away unscathed, could be so foolish as to get bagged on a glue trap?

To say it is embarrassing to be so easily duped into thinking we had captured Edison, would be an understatement of this like- "Babe Ruth was a pretty good ball player", "Paris Hilton might be easy", "Carlos Mencia is unfunny", GW Bush is not too bright. Buying this story is the modern day equivalent of catching a 12 year old 1800's native boy stealing an apple and believe his confession that he, in fact, was Geronimo.

This time, Ed... maybe that's too familiar, Edison, actually cleaned out the snap traps, then took the glue trap, and pushed it INTO the snap trap, setting it off.

I would be less humiliated if he pooped on my head while I was writing this blog entry.

Well played, sir... well played.


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