Thursday, December 11, 2008


Well, here it is almost two weeks past the National Novel Writing Month challenge, and since completing the 50,000 words of drivel I committed to, I haven't done squat...or wait, since squat means nothing, would it be, "I've done exactly squat".

Irregardless, what I am saying is... GOTCHA! You thought I was actually using irregardless, didn't you? Admit it! Admit it! Hahahahahahaa!!!

Well, my next task is to figure out how to buy a ladder for the house without having a truck to transport it. I can't see asking my friend Boudy to come all the way out here from Billerica so I can buy a ladder. You wouldn't think there'd be a sense of urgency around a ladder purchase, but I got these cool snowflake lights to hang up, and the date is coming when it'll be too late.

Now that I think of it, I did invite Boudy and his son CJ (big Ball State Cardinal fan that kid is) out to have brunch and watch some Sunday football this week. Maybe if I haven't figured it out by then we can figure something out.

The place is shaping up pretty good. I've got some subtle blue lights on the little pine tree out front, and I put those light-up candy canes alng the walk (I've always loved those things.) The coup de gras will be the hanging snowflakes. If I can pull this off without burning the house down, I am going to snap a photo for the blog- woo hooooo!

It is 4:30 pm, and I go in early on Thursdays now. Even though it is a cold, drab, rainy day, I am pretty upbeat. I took a nice little errand run with Manny (80 lb English bulldog) and am just in a good mood for some reason. Maybe because I'm happy, who knows?

My brother Tim has agreed to come along to tomorrow's movie with dad. I think we are going to see "The Day The Earth Stood Still". Sure, Keanu Reeves is oaken, but I think that quality might play well in this role.


Blogger GB said...

You don't need a ladder. Just get a long pole (say a mop handle) and tape a tack to one end of the pole. Then attach the light to the tack and lift the pole up to where you want to place the light. Push the tack into the wood by pushing on the pole.

It takes some figuring to get it right, but once you figure it out, it makes hanging light way easier.

10:13 AM  

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