Thursday, October 22, 2009


Well yesterday's poker exploits didn't go quite as well as I'd hoped. First off, I was exhausted and if I hadn't already signed up in advance, would have skipped playing. Secondly, I didn't play my best. I was a little too loose and aggressive way too early.

This particular tournament started you off with 5,000 chips, not a big stack. While the antes and blinds go up rather slowly (every 50 minutes) which gives you plenty of time to wait, I tend to try to mix it up too much early, and when you miss, you deplete the chip stack further.

I got low on chips pretty early and rallied a bit, but got bounced fairly soon. At the start of the day I thought, "the worst thing today would be if I got bounced early, and my partner busted out on the bubble just before the pay spots, which is of course, exactly what happened.

Finally got a little sleep today and had dad over for a movie.

We watched "Taken" and dad loved it. For an action thriller type flick is was actually not bad.


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