Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Slippers Deliver

As if bringing Ren (the dad) with me, I wore slippers to the poker tourney today. I would have left my pants at home and gone with long johns to complete the Rennish wardrobe if I thought they'd let me in the door.

As for the day's success- I give half credit to the slippers and half to this clay turtle given to me by my cousin Bill for my birthday which I use at a card cap. It reminds me to slow down and take my time.

Turn out was a bit of a disappointment, as only 19 people showed up for this thing. Mohegan Sun is annoying in that they must have the worst P.R. strategy going. "Hey guys, tell people about this, we're doing it every Tuesday and Thursday now!"

You can build a high rise, yet you can't let people know you're having a poker series? It's really up to me? Gosh, you're in trouble then guys.

Beau and I opted to stay and play anyway, since we were there, though we are definitely skipping Thursday. Today felt longer than it was, and we have a long one tomorrow (hopefully) at Foxwoods in the $400. It should be a pretty size field, maybe 900 or so if history dictates, though it is a tough economy. They lowered some of the buy ins, the lowest used to be $600, now they have tomorrow's $400 and next Monday's $500.

I wonder if Foxwoods will ask me to tell my friends about the tourney so someone shows up- probably not.

Today's tourney was looking pretty bleak. I was short stacked pretty late and didn't much in the way of cards all day, but I did lucky on a couple of all-ins. Anywho, long story short, when we got down to 4 players, we decided to split the prize money, then we renegotiated again at 3 players, then at two. It wound up being me and this other dude. The prize money was already chopped up, so we were playing for seat they added to another tourney because of the meager turnout.

We wound up splitting that, too.

So in effect, I won the thing, but it really was a small victory moneywise, but at least covers my tourneys this week and some of next week. And hey, it beats the hell out of losing.

Tomorrow we kicvk off at 11am at Foxwoods.



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