Monday, October 19, 2009

Back to the Poker Tables

Well, my friend and former poker partner Beau is back in town for six weeks. There are two poker series at Mohegan Sun (Blowhegan Dung) and one series at Foxwoods (F**kwoods) over the next month.

We are joining forces yet again in hopes of duplicating our 2007 success. It really helps to have a number of tournaments, and also a partner (providing the guy can play) as it doubles your chances, obviously.

The goal is not simply to make the money in a tournament, but to finish right near the top 5 if possible. Obviously, you'd like to win the thing, but the way they structure tournament payouts, if you finish IN the money toward the bottom 1 out of every 2 tournaments, you would actually LOSE money. One key is to be aggressive as you approach the money "bubble" (the line between players who cash and those who do not cash) and try accumulate chips.

I need to remember to bring that most important tool, the ipod. I like to pay attention to the players, not immerse myself in music, but in the event there is a goon at my table, I prefer to just shut the noise out. Six or eight or ten hours with a goofball is a bit much.

We play our first tourney tomorrow at Blowhegan at 11am.



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