Sunday, August 14, 2005

Singin' the Liquid Blues

Well, last night's show in portland was less than I hoped it would be. It went okay, but not great. The crowd was like some of the crowds I've run into up there; nice, willing to laugh, but judging you bit by bit, joke by joke. I never felt like I had 'em in my p[ocket and coyuld do what i wanted.

When I occasionally riffed, it was spotty. once they kind of went with me, a couple times they left me at the altar.

The show started with a magician, which is always interesting, but not really.

The first couple comics did pretty well and got the crowd going a bit, but they were still guarded. this guy from Portland really kicked ass and cranked 'em up, then a guy i brought that has been absolutely tearing it up around boston took the stage and got zero love from the audience. you could tell about two minutes into it that they weren't gonna play along. I thought he was staying true to his act that kills around here, but any hint of mean and these guys turned on you.

He did a joke with a comment about a kid with a disability and some lady comes up after his set in a totally supportive manner as if instructing him and says, "you just can't say those things". The only thing that was missing was the "young man" at the end accompanied by a wagging finger. I actually got groans on a joke I've been doing almost two years that has never once gotten a groan, it's not a groan bit... nuns wouldn't even groan at this joke.

After the show. I felt bad for inviting my friend up, but he seemed to take in in stride, "a show's a show". This kid might actually have a chance in comedy.

I'm not totally bummed about my outing, but I just don't feel like I brought it home like I have the last few times I closed shows up there. the room was dead by the time I got up and I just couldn't seem to resuscitate it. I got some laughs, did okay, but didn't come away feeling that great.

On a positive note, I got hired for a gig next January that is exactly the kind of gigs I am looking for, doing comedy at an audience of sobah folks... should be a blast. I mean, I like all audiences, but these are suauly fun because they get what i'm talking about on a different level and I can also mix it up and use some material I can't use in clubs because people wouldn't know what the hell I was talking about.

On another note... my friend Dot emailed me after my last post with a subject line that read PLEASE!!!!

I thought she needed help or something, so I read it immediately. The purpose of the email to PLEASE stop playing on-line poker, "it's draining all your creative energy".

Of course, she is right. next I got a call from my friend who also frequently doubles as my spiritual advisor. "Hey...I just read your blog. Stop writing about poker."

Point taken.

There are plenty of other areas of unmanagability in my life I can focus on.


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